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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Korea

The breast augmentation surgery in South Korea is amongst one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the country. Mainly because it’s a quick, easy and not that expensive surgery.

But not only because of that, but because of getting a breast augmentation surgery, women can boost their self-confidence almost immediately. When you get your breasts to look good and to complement the rest of your body, you start to inevitable feel better about yourself.

Which is exactly why thousands of women travel to South Korea to get their surgery done: To finally achieve the perfect looking chest, but also to feel better about themselves and their appearance.


Everything you need to know about the breast augmentation Surgery in Korea

Korea sets aside from other countries when it comes to breast surgery because unlike other places, they strive to get a more natural looking breasts, with a natural shape.

Unlike in other parts of the world, where most breast implants are round-shape, in Korea they have more of a “teardrop” style, meaning they are fuller on the bottom, mimicking the natural shape of the breast.

It is thanks to this teardrop breast implant that women are able to achieve such a natural look, in which both breasts look perky, have a natural drop to it, and don’t look fake at all.

These breasts implants are used with the goal of giving a much more natural result instead of going for a dramatic one. This means the patient gets a perfect pair of breasts that actually look fuller, without having to look fake.

The surgery itself is quick, lasting no longer than two hours in total. After that, you will have to stay in the hospital at least overnight while you wait for the effects of the anesthesia and the overall surgery to pass. Once you’ve stayed the night, you will be able to go home and continue with the recovery time.

Other than having to rest for about one to two weeks while the subtle pains of the surgery pass, the breast augmentation surgery is certainly a very easy and non-invasive surgery that will leave you with AMAZING results.

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