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Calf Reduction Surgery Korea

Calf reduction surgery is the procedure of reducing the calf muscle volume and creating a smooth calf outline by blocking ramification of motive nerves (the dictating part of calf muscle). The surgery is carried out by application of sedation anesthesia.  Two holes with a diameter of around 1 mm are made on the calf with an operating needle and the motive nerves controlling soleus muscle are detected with a nerve stimulator to be blocked. The atrophy of muscle resulting from surgery lasts for up to around 6-9 months, it is necessary to relaxed wait until the symptom completely disappears after Calf Reduction Surgery Korea.


Thicker calves are disappointing to women as it diminish their beautiful body and attraction. Thus to get rid of this problem, we at ‘Easta Medical’ perform the Liposuction all throughout body and by doing Calf Reduction Surgery Korea, calves are reduced and attractive shape is given to the body. The non-Invasive Calf Reduction surgery Korea that initiates plethora changes that make your look like never before.


Why Non-Invasive Calf Reduction Surgery?

  • A noticeable effect after the surgery through a superfine laser, block the motor nerves dominating the muscle while looking at the movement of the gastronomies muscle caused by nerve impulse.
  • Recurrence is comparatively lower to the existing methods due to the regenerative nature of the peripheral nerve, it is expected that relapse occurs. However, the recurrence rate is lowered only nerves block method using a superfine laser.
    • A gentle recovery period: calf muscles feel taut temporarily and bruises may occur.
    • Almost never damages to the other sensory nerves and muscles.




Features of Calf Reduction Surgery

  • Very low relapse with more than 6,000 times experience and know-how
  • Smooth and fabulous calf line lasts to Achilles tendon
  • Creates sleek and shapely legs from every angle as glam point in two-thirds of the calf
  • A recovery period which comprises tightening of muscles, cure of bruises and hardly any damages to the sensory nerves present.






Calf Reduction Surgery Before and After Photo:


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