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Double Eyelid Revision

Double eyelid surgery in Korea is one of the most practised surgery by the Doctors in Korea. South Korea Eye Surgery is very common in Asia for the people that are born with single eyelid and to fix this eyelid surgery in Korea is very famous. Very often sometimes a double eyelid surgery in Korea may not bring the expected results and need further correction.

South Korea Eye Surgery corrects various problems incurred by wrong-performed double eyelid surgery in Korea. The most common problems are thick folds, deep and strong folds, so-called sausage lines, scars, etc. These problems mostly appear altogether and South Korean Eye Surgery is once and all solution with different procedure.

Candidates for Double Eyelid Revision

  • Thick folds which appears to be like a sausage
  • Noticeable scars
  • Untied knots
  • Too thin and low lines
  • Dissatisfaction with eye shapes

Diagnosis of Revision Eyelid surgery

Analysis of Revision Eyelid Surgery in Korea


Operation Procedure by Type of Eyelid Surgery in Korea

Case 1

Thick or Swollen Creases

It’s common when the line is designed too big and there is a lot of unnecessary fat tissue. We untie the exits double eyelid lines, remove tissue and fat and correct height of the folds to make a natural line.

Case 2

Untied knots

The cause of it is too low double eyelid lines and the thing it’s not fixed tightly. It could happen due to sagging skin as time goes by. This problem can be solved through the natural adhesion method or non-incision correction, buried suture method.

Case 3

Big or remarkable scars

You can have it cut and reduced if there’s any remaining eyelid tissue or skin. You can have a new double eyelid line by scar tissue removal and fat graft in the upper eyelid if necessary.

Case 4

Asymmetric Eyes

In case the eyes became asymmetric due to one sides untied knots, it is because the lines were tied differently previous surgery, or even though the height was same, the depth of the folds could have been different. you can correct it by untying the existing knots and retying it correctly to make the both eyes symmetry.

Case 5

Dissatisfying Lines

This is not the case of wrong performed surgery. You could want revision Surgery just because you don’t like shape of the line or height to it. You can have desired lines by untying the existing lines adhered, removing it, and making new lines.

Before and After photo of eyelid surgery in Korea

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