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Breast Augmentation Surgery In Korea

Breast Augmentation Surgery -An ideal shape with an innate look

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery in Korea?

The women of modern era are concerned about their somatic beauty than ever. To enrich their body with alluring breasts, which provides them with exquisite appearance are one of the paramount concern to the younger population. To meet the demand of the more health concern population, Easta medical services has also include breast enhancement surgeries, which does not only enhance one’s appearance but also advocates innate characteristics such as self-confidence, esteem and faith in oneself.


Breast Augmentation Surgery


Breasts enhancement surgeries can come in various shapes and forms. But the most natural looking and popular amongst the younger population is the Breast Augmentation Surgery in Korea. Tear drop breast surgery, as the name suggests, is a form of surgery which is carried out to provide the breast with the attractive shape like a water- drop, with slanted shape at the top and more rounded structure at the bottom. Breast enhancement surgeries provides breasts with immaculate natural looking contour.


Breast Augmentation Surgery 02

The tear drop surgeries are carried out to bestow augmented breasts where different sort of implants with various shapes are being used to fit with the chest size and shapes. It is always preferable that the patient discusses with her specialized doctors regarding their desirable looks and expectations before they select any particular type or shape of implants. The different types of implants which are usually available are:

According to the types:

  • Saline breasts implants: It is consists of saline water which if leaks can be excreted by the systemic circulation. It is comparatively favorable and is approved for being used for girls above the age of 18.
  • Silicone breasts implants: It is consists of silicone gel. Usually, the silicone gel implants does not collapse, even if it leaks. If the surgery is carried out, the patient must be under continuous monitoring to confirm that the implants are functioning well.

According to the characteristics:

  • Smooth breasts implants: It provides the breasts with the most comfortable and flexible characteristics with soft feeling. This allows the most flexible movement and natural appearance.
  • Textured breasts implants: It allows the tissues to stick to the implant causing the movement to be less flexible. The textured breasts are less likely to be allowing movement and repositioning.


Features Of Breast Augmentation surgeries :

  • Natural Breast Line at Any Angle
  • Soft Touch – Standard of ideal breast shape
  • One Day Painless Breast Surgery
  • Natural Movement of Breasts
  • Cooperative Treatment by Plastic & Breast Surgery Specialists.

Breast Augmentation Surgery 03

Breast Augmentation Prosthesis

 An ergonomic design is applied in the Tear Drop shaped breast prosthesis that looks natural and beautiful. Without any side effects such as capsular contracture, change of position etc. The shape downsizes the gap caused by breast prostheses after breast enhancement surgeries. It bestows a real shape of female breast.

When compare to the existing circular prosthesis, the tear drop looks natural after the surgery and the lower parts of the breast becomes voluptuous in Tear Drop shape.




Breast Augmentation Surgery Before And After Picture:


Breast Augmentation Surgery Before And After Picture 01

Breast Augmentation Surgery Before And After Picture 02

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