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Ultrasound Breast Diagnosis Center Korea

Ultrasound diagnosis is one of the widely used techniques which requires specialized expertise in sonography and operation of complicated equipment. Usually in breast diagnosis center, a gel is used on the surface of the body which helps the smooth movement of the transducer over the body surface area to be examined. In the process, a transducer is used, which transmits sound waves in particular effective frequency and as the sound waves travel through the body and reflected back to the transducers. A 7.5-13M Hz transducer is used to send the sound waves inside the body. As  a result, a clear image of the structural changes and images of the body can be obtained. These 3-dimensional images are then studied at breast diagnosis center to observe any changes or detect aberrant conditions.




What are the reasons for a breast ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a sound wave used to examine the breasts or other body parts by the help of transmission of sound waves. Usually, ultrasound is a preferable in more sensitive conditions when the patient does not want to be exposed to the radiations. It is mandatory for diagnosis if the patient is pregnant, breast-feeding mother, women under 25 years. It is also preferred, if a patient had breast implant surgeries particularly silicone implants.

Usually, ultrasound diagnosis is suggested after other diagnosis tests such as mammogram, breast MRI, or clinical breast examination has detected some doubtful clinical conditions like Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Ultrasound examination of breasts is highly sensitive which does not only provides images but also provides subtle differences   inside in the breast tissues which are not detected by other diagnosis such as mammogram. Ultrasound is also used to determine whether a needle biopsy is required or not for Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Sometimes, it’s used to guide procedures to detect needle localization in biopsy or cysts aspirations (cysts are punctured to remove fluids). Breast ultrasound is not used as a screening tool for breast cancer detection because it cannot detect the early signs of cancer in breasts which includes micro calcification (deposition of tiny calcium deposits). In patients with tumor in breasts, it is used to check the lymph nodes surrounding the breasts for Breast Cancer Diagnosis.


Features of Ultrasound Breast Diagnosis :

  • 3D-Analysis
  • (Size of the Chest, Thickness of the Skin, Wrinkles under Breasts, Distance from Areola, etc.)
  • Ultrasound Scan of Subcutaneous Fat and Muscular Coat
  • Ultrasound Scan for Breast Cancer or Breast-Related Diseases
  • The Best Way of Personalized Operation after Analyzing Diagnosis Data
  • Regular and Systematic Breast Health


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Two major systems of Breast Diagnosis:

Without any side effects like capsular contracture, an excelling upshot is produced in our centre and after the surgery the ultrasound scan will be required for a complete checkup of the condition of prostheses and breast health is done.

  1. The Line Safety System: In the Line breast diagnosis center before the surgery by analyzing the breast structure and thoracic tissues by the ultrasound scan.
  2. The Line Total Care System: Along the breast cancer assessment, which is done after the surgery an absolute check-up of breast is been carried out.

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Specialties of Our Ultrasound Breast Diagnosis

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