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Power V Contouring Surgery Korea

What is Power-V Face Contouring?

The Easta Medical’s lifting & Anti-aging Center produces the best results with the most ideal way of Facial Fat Removal considering individual thickness and elasticity of skin layer, jaw bones and development degree of masticatory muscle. The Line’s only power-v contouring eliminates the unnecessary fat of chin line with double chin surgery and simultaneously lifts the soft tissues (dermic layer, adipose layer, SMAS layer) determining the form of chin line.


Double Chin surgery, Fatty Cheeks, and Facial Fat Removal!

 A Slim V-line Desired by Everyone

Facial Fat Removal removes unnecessary fat and soft tissues (skin layer, fat layer, and SMAS layer) in the jaw line which decide the shape of the jaw line, and makes a harmonious V-line.

The procedure is not bone shaving surgery, so it is safe. Also, the fat cells are removed, making an ideal face outline with double chin surgery Korea. The effects are permanently maintained.


Candidates For Power V Contouring

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Methods of Power V Contouring

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Power V Contouring Trimming Facial Soft Tissues

Using Laser Equipment Officially Approved by FDA

In case of a square jaw, of which the bone is excessively developed, bone shaving surgery of double chin surgery Korea can help make a V-line. But, for those who have a not-clear facial outline due to fatty cheeks and jowls, you can achieve a V-line by Facial Fat Removal, muscle, and skin layers.

The Line Plastic Surgery uses laser liposuction equipment officially approved by FDA to remove soft tissues which you are concerning about, such as cheeks, jowls, and a double chin.This procedure is conducted by a laser, so there’s no postoperative scar and recovery is fast. Also, 1-1 aftercare is followed to assist to form a perfect V-line.

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