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Wide Nasal Tip & Nasal Bone Surgery Korea

Rhinoplasty, commonly called as a nose job helps in nose tip reshaping the nose like its tip and also in many nasal bone reduction surgery processes. Some by birth possess a different shape of nostrils with Wide nasal tip, narrow one etc. To rectify these shapes and make you look adoring, we at ‘Easta Medical’ perform the Wide nasal tip and nasal bone surgery reduction surgery in Korea and fix the way it suits you.


  • Cutback Your Wide Nasal Tip

    Some people have a wide nasal tip when compared to the nasal bridge that makes them look odd in a crowd and also makes bad appearances. The nose tip reshaping process is simple, by reducing the nasal bone surgery or Wide nasal bone surgery. it gives you a finest shape. It can be caused by any one of the reasons-

    • Anterior nasal processes overgrowth
    • Long medial alar cartilage
    • Nasal septal cartilage overgrowth
    • Columella nasi overgrowth
    • Excessive alar cartilage


  • For Wide Nasal Bone Surgery

    We take care of our patients and make them feel comfy, so the surgery is done under general anaesthesia and we never do it under conscious sense as it causes a little pain. The nose tip reshaping is carried out by know-how surgeons; they slash the nose bones and congregate it making it broad.


Before and After Photo:

Nasal Tip & Bone Reduction-Image 1

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