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Thigh Liposuction Korea

Why Thigh Liposuction Surgery?

Have Long and straight legs

With Hip-up and Straight-line Effects

As for thigh liposuction, the hip line liaised with the thigh such as the under area of the buttocks is tightly suctioned in order to make the legs buttocks lifted up.

Also, channel Line Liposuction, which removes irregularity around the knee and makes it almost straight, is simultaneously performed to complete looking legs without a curve.

No Problem with Surgical Scars or a Short Cloth

Thigh Liposuction without exposed Scars

When it comes to thigh liposuction, the anterior thigh is suctioned through the navel and posterior thigh through the tailbone .So, when you wear a short, hot -pants, or a bikini after the surgery, the scars are all hidden so you don’t need to worry about it we achieve a slim and longer looking lower body without a scar on more than 10000 cases of surgical experience and know how of our experts.

No exposed scar through a navel incision for the anterior thighs.

Liposuction is conducted from the thigh to the chanel line (around the knee) by one incision on the navel for the anterior/media/lateral (saddle bag) thighs.

No exposed scar through a tailbone incision for the posterior thighs.


For the posterior/media/lateral (saddle bag) thigh, the surgery is performed through a tiny incision at the end of the tailbone area. Hip-up down sizing of the buttocks, saddle bag of the lateral thigh, posterior thigh, knee and a part of the anterior thigh can be reshaped.

Long-Lasting Effects of Slim Legs without the Yo-Yo syndrome by Removing Fat Cells Fundamentally With Hip-up and Straight-line Effects

Liposuction reduces the number of fat cells fundamentally if you cannot achieve a desired body line by exercise or a diet, you may consider undergoing liposuction.

In case of thigh liposuction, this area is where muscles and fat are evenly. so, to proceed with the operation on the pure adipose panniculus alone through close ultrasound diagnostic analysis, we make sure to keep the location and number of fat cells and other soft tissues layers safe during the surgery.

As this procedure removes fat cells fat in the thigh fundamentally and reduces the fat cells themselves, it is a merit that there?

Firm and Even

Thigh Liposuction

Features of Thigh Liposuction Surgery by Area

Anterior Thigh

The fat of the anterior thigh is not easily lost by exercise or a diet. you can even have an inflammation as both sides meet together when you walk and there might be a discoloration.

Also, because of the wrinkles downside of the fat layer, you leg line can appear irregular. This can be corrected by liposuction in the anterior thigh.

The anterior thigh is very close to reproductive organs so the surgery should be performed after close diagnosis through preoperative ultrasound fat analysis, and it is safe to have liposuction from an expert who has a lot of surgical experience.

Lateral Thigh

The lateral thigh is where fat accumulation easily occurs especially for women.

Also, the lateral part may appear ugly because of wrong habits of walking and long sedentary lifestyles .it is where muscular coat easily develops, so performed without damage to soft tissues.

The lateral thigh is the most commonly performed areas in thigh liposuction surgeries, and a highly satisfactory result can come out through mini-liposuction on the lateral side.

Posterior Thigh

In case of the posterior thigh, fat is not easily accumulated. But, because of obesity or bad lifestyles, fat can be a accumulated. if the fat accumulated

on the back side, cellulite appears irregular and it can even be discolored because of folds that are horizontally created.

In case of a lot fat deposits under the buttocks. It would look like you may double crease beneath the buttock which could be your complex.

In this case, you can achieve thin thighs through posterior thigh liposuction along with hip up and downsizing effects.

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