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Breast Reconstruction In Korea

What is Breast Reconstruction ?

For women, the breasts are the symbol of a woman and beauty. If you have undergone a resection of one side or both side of the breasts due to breast cancer or a big accident, the breasts can be reconstructed through a right operation method which suits you. This enables you to have self-esteem enhanced and broken heart healed.

Breast reconstruction – natural tissue. After a mastectomy, some women decide to have cosmetic surgery to rebuild their breast. When a breast reconstruction is done with natural tissue, the breast or breast is remodeled using muscle, skin or fat from another part of your body.

Breast reconstruction is a surgical process that restores the figure of the breast after a mastectomy (surgery that removes the breast to treat or prevent breast cancer). Breast reconstruction with flap surgery involves taking a piece of tissue from an area of ​​the body (usually the abdomen) and relocating it to create a new breast mound.

Breast reconstruction by flap surgery is a complex procedure

Performed by a plastic surgeon. Much of the breast reconstruction that uses the body’s own tissues can be performed at the same time as mastectomy although it can sometimes be performed as a separate procedure later.

Your plastic surgeon may recommend a two-stage procedure. In the first stage an implant expander is placed and in the second stage tissue reconstruction is completed. You probably need another surgery to perform the reconstruction of the nipples.

Candidates for Breast Reconstruction in Korea

  • You have undergone a resection of a part of your breasts or all because of acquired factors such as an accident, burn, or breast cancer, etc.
  • You don’t have breasts because of a congenital malformation

Breast Reconstruction Surgery, When?

Immediate Reconstruction

In case of early breast cancer, breast reconstruction is performed breast cancer tissue removal at the same time. Since the cancer resection and breast reconstruction are simultaneously conducted, there is no mental stress.

Delayed Breast Reconstruction

If there’s no recurrence or metastasis more than 1 year after breast cancer surgery or after full radiation treatments, it can be conducted after confirmation of full recovery by a breast cancer specialist. Complication is very rare.

What breast reconstruction can do?

  • Contour the chest
  • Help your breasts look natural under your clothes or a swimsuit
  • Help avoid the need to use an external prosthesis inside the bra

What can be achieved with breast reconstruction?

  • Improve your self-esteem and body image
  • Partially erase physical memories of your illness
  • Require additional surgery to correct reconstructive problems


You may be tired and sore for a few weeks after surgery. The doctor can prescribe medication to control pain. It is possible that after the surgery you stay for a short period with drainage tubes placed to remove the excess fluid that accumulates in the place of surgery.

The use of an elastic bandage or support bra may help reduce inflammation and support the breast while it heals.

You will also have stitches after the surgery. They are probably absorbable sutures, so they will not need to be removed. The scars are permanent, but usually diminish with time.

It may take up to six weeks or more to resume normal activities. Your doctor will inform you of the restrictions on your activities, such as avoiding lifting objects over your head or doing strenuous physical activities.


You must have realistic expectations about the surgery. Breast reconstruction offers many benefits, but it will not make your breasts recover exactly the same appearance and sensitivity they had before the mastectomy.

Characteristics of Breast Reconstruction Surgery


Breast Ultrasound Diagnostic Center

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Operational Method of Breast Reconstruction in Korea

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Breast Reconstruction Before and After Photos

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