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Front Cheekbone Surgery Korea

By only lateral cheekbone plastic surgery reduction you cannot be beautiful. If you can have volume in the front cheeks, it will be a much more beautiful face and harmonious.

You may want to cheekbone plastic surgery, in case of small cheekbones by nature or a dent due to an accident. The operation is conducted by inserting implants and by an intraoral approach on the body of the cheekbones, so the outline can look clearer. The implants used for front cheek implant in the cheekbone plastic surgery are safe artificial implants such as silicone or Medpor. The location is where the connecting line of the lip corner and eye corner and that of the nose wing and auricle, meet.

Cheek Enhancement

Front Cheek Implants with cheekbone plastic surgery that Makes Your Face Look Younger

Front Cheekbone Surgery



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