Double Eyelid surgery is one of the most opted surgeries for the Asian. Normally, 50% of the in Asian people are born with single or no eyelid and this is reason why people opt this surgery to create eyelid. Eyelid surgery is also commonly known as blepharoplasty that may also include reducing the excess skin and fat from the lower and upper eyelid. Blepharoplasty in Korea is believed to give a younger look but it also corrects the optical vision in orderly people who have droopy or saggy eyelids.

Double eyelid surgery cost in Korea is considered as one of the most affordable comparable to the other parts of the world with advance technology and techniques. Korean Double eyelid surgery cost starts from 2000 USD and it greatly depends upon many of the factor. It is also possible to get a bit expensive double eyelid surgery cost in Korea as different hospitals  and Doctors have difference innovated techniques which may influence the cost.

Double Eyelid Surgery Cost In Korea (

Procedure KRW (minimum) KRW (maximum)
Double Eyelid Surgery Cost ₩ 1,350,000 ₩ 4,650,000
Upper Eyelid Surgery Cost ₩ 850,000 ₩ 3,300,000
 Lower Eyelid Surgery Cost ₩ 1,650,000 ₩ 3,000,000
Eye Surgery (incision method) ₩ 1,650,000 ₩ 2,062,500 
Eye Surgery (Ptosis correction) ₩ 1,815,000  ₩ 2,722,500


Regardless of the techniques and Doctors the double eyelid cost in Korea does not vary very much but it is very obvious that Korean Double eyelid surgery cost is the best rate can be found in the world with respect to its quality and expertise as Korean Doctors and Hospitals operates more double eyelid surgery in Korea than the whole world operate collectively together.


The double eyelid surgery cost in Korea may be decided with the following:

  • Fat present in the eyelid, method to be followed whether buried method or other
  • The suitability of incision or non incision method
  • The revision case if there is any like ptosis symptoms for individual patient
  • The need of canthoplasty whether they can have it or not
  • Any of the combined procedure necessity or not and the price may differ


There may be also other factors which may influence the double eyelid cost in Korea. We have a dedicated and expert team to help you with deciding the method and the double eyelid surgery in Seoul, South Korea. You are always welcome to speak to our representative for booking a free consultancy with the Doctors.