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Accessory Breasts Surgery Korea


What Are Accessory Breasts Removal Surgery?

It is also called ‘polymastia’ and its symptom is that you have another breast under your armpit. The breasts are not located in the right position from when it developed and they are not fully atrophied, appearing in the armpit in most cases. Symptoms are different from person to person and there could be a nipple in grave cases.

While breast tissues is located in other place that is not supposed to be convexly, we call it ‘Accessory breast ’. It usually pops up around armpit or areola, it would be puffy or hard during pregnancy or menstrual cycle Secretion could be oozed and feel pain.


Reasons of Accessory Breasts

  • When you feel a lump in your armpit
  • When you have a lump around your armpit
  • When there is abnormal symptom before or after menstruation
  • When secretion comes out from your armpit
  • When something is popped out similar to breast on the chest
  • When you feel pain on your mammary gland
  • When you need a reoperation
  • Your acquired bulging fat the armpit


Self-examination for Accessory Breast Removal Surgery

You can check your state by self-examination and if you have any problem, you may go to clinic and have a necessary exam.

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Operation Procedures of Accessory Breasts Surgery Korea

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Process of Accessory Breast Surgery

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