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Mini Liposuction Korea

Those who have undergone this surgery and have left the operating room, moved and satisfied were undoubtedly lucky, which is not very encouraging at the time of surgery.

Among the main attractions of this technique is the reduced cost, which frequently reaches half of what it would charge in a traditional liposuction. But it is essential not to lie, as mini liposuction regards the outcome to be achieved, there is a need for multiple sessions, and therefore, the cost can be equal to that charged by liposuction.

The procedure is the same as when the patient undergoes a liposuction, with the proviso that anesthesia in a mini liposuction is local. As the person who is operated cannot rest in a long surgery depending on the gender of anesthesia, the different interventions are precise so that the outcome is the desired one.

In general, the patient needs more time at the operating table; it is treated with anesthetics, which is enormously dangerous, as poisonings can occur. And it is based on the amount of mini liposuction carried out, the procedure has several dangers: there is more danger of preoperative and postoperative inconveniences and also throughout the surgery.

If you are still determined to venture, even after being informed of the abundant dangers, you should know that the mini liposuction is indicated only for people with very little fat; in those cases where there is a lot of fat it is not recommended.

Merits of Mini Liposuction

Operational Areas of Mini Liposuction Korea

Thigh Mini Liposuction

You wear a super mini skirt, but not a bikini?

  • A mini liposuction on the saddle bags, bulging lateral thighs.
  • A mini liposuction on the posterior thighs where the buttock folds meet.
  • Liposuction on the inner thighs that can be hardly slim by exercise and diet.
  • A partial liposuction on a certain area which ruins your lower body line
  • Simpler than a whole body liposuction, a small amount of aspirated, resulting a quick recovery.

Abdomen Liposuction

What should I do? I’m gonna get rid of this pot-belly, which wasn’t possible by exercise!
  • A mini liposuction on the abdomen that is not lost by exercise!
  • A mini liposuction on the folded area under the breast and lower back under the brassiere
  • Abdomen liposuction on the flanks (love handles) or back of the flanks
  • Liposuction on a loose and sagging area although your body is slim and toned overall
  • The wider the operation area is, the more effective results come out by contractions of the skin and panicles
  • Natural looks with a hidden scar under a bikini

Love Handle Mini Liposuction (a Smooth Back Line)

I’m Dreaming of the first kiss with him, OMG! What if he puts his arm around my waist?

  • Love handles are where the back, flanks, pelvis meet
  • A difficult area to lose unless you control your weight below the standard
  • Most of celebrities who have an s-line maintain their weight below the standard or they receive liposuction on the love handles to reveal their body lines.
  • No problem with your daily activities. It takes only about 30 min.
  • Properties of the fat are good and the harvested fat fat can be used in fat grafts or stem cell transfer- killing two birds with one stone
  • A 4mm long small incision on the tailbone
  • No exposed scar when you wear revealing underwear or a bikini

Arm Liposuction

My back belied my real age with the looks of a middle aged woman like having three children….

  • Relatively less amount of fat compared with other areas
  • Important to aspirate fat evenly more than 70% of the arm circumference
  • Almost no difficulty in your daily life with a 40-min long procedure.

Accessory Breast Liposuction

Why is it sticking out…?

Can’t wear a sleeveless T-shirt

  • The accessory breasts are where the arm liaises with the breast and fat is easily accumulated. This is the area which is more bothersome when you wear an outfit that slightly exposes your shoulders chest.
  • There are two types of accessory breasts: a mammary gland type, the mammary gland tissues should be removed in which an accurate diagnosis is necessary.
  • It is important to distinguish between accumulated fat and chest muscles.
  • A skillful liposuction expert’s examination essential.
  • The operation is performed through a small scar in the armpit for about 20 min of a short time.

Combination with Liposuction + Fat Graft


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