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Receding Chin Surgery Korea

Human’s chin is a very important feature when it comes to making a balanced facial outline. A receding chin, which developments of the chin bone and occlusion of the teeth are normal but the chin length is too short or it is receding backward, doesn’t give a clear impression and it makes your face look lifeless.

In chin surgery Korea, our chin augmentation is performed under a local anesthetic or sedation with 1-2 cm small incision. In many cases, chin surgery in Korea can be performed by using safe silicone approved by KFDA or injection of autologous fat harvested or filler injection simple Petit Cosmetic Surgery.

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Our chin augmentation is conducted through diagnosis of the chin bone by 3D-CT scans and 1-1 customized diagnosis of operational methods. We minimize worries of patients who want chin augmentation and chin reduction surgery and promise you a near-perfect surgical result.



Why Attention to Our Receding Chin Surgery !

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