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Accu Lifting Korea

What Is Accu lift?

Accu lifting is a procedure which includes liquefaction of fat by exposure to micro laser beam. In the process, the fat is dissolved; wrinkles are removed and enhance the growth of collagen. It does not only increase elasticity of the skin but also provides a younger looking countenance.
It is preferable because:

  • Non- invasive process – no incision required
  • Duration of operation: 2-3 hours
  • No general anesthesia
  • Recovery time: 1 to 2 weeks after operation

Good Candidates for Acculift Laser Lipo Procedures

1. Smile Line by Reduced Skin Elasticity

The cheeks including frontal part are the operation areas. It can be corrected by dissolving excess fat and increasing skin elasticity

2. Sagging cheeks

This is the cause of old-looking faces, smile lines, and chipmunk cheeks. The face becomes slimmer by dissolving cheek and it looks like a baby face with skin elasticity increased.

3. A sagging chin line

This in case the chin line is not tidy, you can have a V-line by Acculift dissolving unnecessary fat in the chin and stimulating the dermis.

4. The Cheekbones look bulging Because of Fleshy Cheeks

Acculift can correct this problem. Only a small amount of fat dissolution can give you facial bone doesn’t need to be shaved.

5. A Double Chin

The facial outline looks dull and dim. You can have a firm chin line by dissolving fat under the chin.

6. Bulging Eye Bags.

You may look tired with dark expressions. With Acculiftwhich tissue at all, you can have a bright eye shape without a scar.

7. Chipmunk cheeks

If the skin around the lips and cheeks get droopy, it looks bulging like you put a big candy in your mouth. It can be smooth by fat tissue removal and improved skin elasticity.

Acculift Laser Lipo Cases

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Accu lifting Korea Operation Procedure

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Why Our Accu lifting Korea Procedure Is Famous?

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