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V-line Jaw Reduction Surgery in Korea

Through face contouring surgery sometimes, the face doesn’t look good even after a change in a narrow and slim face. The reason is because the golden ratio of the V-line face was not considered. We find the golden ratio and seek a smooth, slim, and perfect V-line from all angles to give you the best Korean jaw surgery in Seoul, South Korea.

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1:1 Customized & Selective V-line Surgery

Korean Jaw Surgery is also referred as V-line surgery which is co-performed with unnecessary muscles and fat removal to maximise V-line effects. However, since the facial bone, muscle, and fat are not the parts that can be simply removed, functional effects after the surgery should be carefully considered. So the facial bone alone can be presented after a close examination of a patient’s state, or muscle or fat removal can be co-performed if necessary. V-line surgery of The Line Plastic Surgery is a 1-1 customised procedure that the most appropriate operational method is selectively applied jaw surgery in Korea, so a significant V-line effect comes out which is the most balanced for the face of each patient.

The Line V-line Surgery That a Lifting Procedure Is Not Necessary

You could have sagging skin because of the ageing process and weakened skin elasticity after a Jaw Surgery in Korea. However, The Line’s V-line Surgery reshapes the facial bone and completes a perfect V-line that facelift is not needed if you undergo muscle and fat removal together.

To look different and beautiful, many people around the world go through Korean jaw reduction surgery including your favorite celebrities. If people you have known for years suddenly look different with trimmed down and contoured face than know it that they too have gone through jaw reduction surgery Korea to improve their looks and enhance their self-confidence.

  • Improving looks and life

Sometimes minor changes in your looks can help a person gain self-confidence and self-worth. If you’re happy with the way you look, only then will the world accept you the way you are. And this is why for people with broader jaw bone may find themselves in an awkward place that can take a blow on their self-esteem. At time going there are surgical procedures involved that can help reduce your jaw line for a more contoured face.

Korean Jaw reduction surgery is now being practiced much commonly and for the best results, it is important to consult a surgeon who holds great expertise in this area. Easta Medical offers top quality cosmetic service under the best surgeons on board. Korean Jaw reduction surgery is one procedure that can be done using a variety of techniques ranging from injecting Botox into the skin to shrink the muscles to surgically decreasing the size of the jaw bone. But of course each technique is conducted differently with results that vary over time.

  • Surgical reduction of the jaw bone

The method that uses Botox takes much longer to reduce the size of the jaw bone while removing it surgically can give quick results. If you have a wider jaw bone only then will the surgeon opt for surgically and only after complete evaluation of the patient does the cosmetic surgeon at Easta Medical design the best jaw reduction treatment plan for them.

If you’re not scared of going under the knife, a few minor changes done to the jaw can help you change your looks complete and have a face that looks much more contoured and trimmed down. But to achieve desired and 100% results it is always important to consult the most competent surgeons or else the outcomes can vary.


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Real Cases of V-line Surgery

Lower Jaw Resection + Cortical Bone Resection + Chin Surgery


3D Square Jaw Reduction + Cortical Bone Resection + Chin Surgery

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