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Breast Reduction Surgery Korea

Breast reduction surgery or breast reduction mammoplasty, is mainly done to reduce the size of the breast and provide breast with better shape. Women with large breasts are preferred have breast reduction surgery to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings and obtain a breast which is appropriate of their own body size. Breast reduction mammoplasty helps to boost self-confidence, image and capability to participate in physical actions. Most women who get breast surgery are very satisfied with the results. Men with conditions such as gynecomastia (in which male breasts are abnormally enlarged) may also get breast reduction surgery Korea.

Breast Reduction


When to Consider Breast Reduction surgery in Korea

  • If you are unsatisfied and self-conscious about bigger appearance of your breast
  • If one breast has different size (usually larger than the other) compared to others
  • If you have breasts larger compared to your body frame and it causes neck, shoulder or back pain
  • If you have heavy breasts with areolas (colored skin around nipples) and nipples that is pointed downward


Preparation and recovery for breast reduction

For a breast reduction surgery, no special preparation is required, but the same as for any surgery, including pre-operative examinations.
“The patients leave the clinic the day after the surgery and must stay a few days with relative rest. After that time, they can begin to carry out their normal activities, go back to school, to university, to work. For sports, we recommend waiting a month, approximately, Sometimes a silicone tube that leaves the armpit is left as a drain for three or four days, never more than a week.

During all this time, patients must use a special bra, sporty type, very firm, even to sleep. After this time they can re-use a normal bra, but clearly, smaller.


Types of Breast Reduction surgery


The Breast reduction, technically called breast reduction is the surgical procedure aimed at Reduce the glands, fatty tissue and skin that surrounds them, forming a smaller breast, higher, tenser and more harmonized.

The aim of all Breast reduction is to reduce the size of the breasts and give it a nice way for them to be provided with the rest of the body. The benefits of this treatment are very predictable, and we can ensure that the physical burden will be alleviated, as well as the Emotional state for having the breasts too big.

This operation also has a very practical and functional component, because women, who have too big breasts, often have problems when it comes to sports or exercising that requires quick and agile mobility. That’s why they need to buy special and tight fasteners, which are not always comfortable and make the practice of physical exercise less fun and more annoying. With a chest reduction, those problems will disappear.

Breast reduction also improves or even eliminates back pain and other discomfort associated with having a breast too large. The woman can wear bras and bikinis that adapt to her new breasts, with which she will feel better, and stop being the center of all eyes and comments.

Although aesthetic change is very significant, women who undergo this intervention tend to adapt very quickly to their new anatomy and body dimensions. It costs them much less work to dress, to play sports or to wear tight clothes that they could not use before.


Before and After Photos of breast reduction surgery

Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

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