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Arm Liposuction Korea

In arm liposuction surgery, it is important to suction more than 70% of the arm circumference. Since there is no much fat on the arms unlike the thighs or abdomen, it is difficult to get a satisfactory result unless a lot of area is suctioned. The arm is a sensitive area to reveal, so the scar must not be exposed outward.

Symmetrical scars on the both arms are always bothersome. The Line Plastic Surgery uses unexposed Silent Scars and gets rid of your concerns about it. The liposuction arm is the fastest method of removing the accumulated fat in this area of the body without major risks.

The excess of fatty tissue in the arms in many cases becomes a very annoying and uncomfortable situation for people who present it, because having very thick arms due to fat concerns an overweight person.

Liposuction for Arm Reduction

The procedure of liposuction in the upper extremities is performed through small incisions where microcannulas used to suck fat deposits are introduced, these elements regularly do not exceed 2mm in diameter so the scars are almost imperceptible and recovery is fast

Benefits of lipsculpture in arms

The liposuction in arms is an effective method used to shape and give it a more attractive appearance to the arms, the benefits are aesthetic usually because patients this procedure are performed to show off their slimmer and toned arms, however, so frequently used to reduce or eliminate cellulite to some extent (if found).

Liposuction Recovery Time in the arms

The recovery of a lip sculpture in the arms is almost immediate. The person who undergoes this procedure can walk after 2 or 3 hours of rest in the clinic, not making large incisions in the skin and making use of local anesthesia lead to a rapid recovery.The patient can resume his routine after 48 hours; however he should not perform exercises during the first 15 days of liposuction.

Recommended for Arm Liposuction Surgery

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Less Pain without Hospitalization for Arm Liposuction Korea


Features of Arm Liposuction Korea

Features of Arm Liposuction Korea

Liposuction with the whole arm line considered liposuction the arms, armpits, and upper brassiere line

Establishment of a scientific operation system followed by complete 3D Ultrasound scans


A thorough aftercare system

Less swelling/bruising & quick recovery

Arm liposuction without leaving an exposed scar No worries about surgical marks!


Professionalism and credibility 16,000 cases of surgical experience and know-how

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Primary Areas of
Arm Liposuction

Many of arm liposuction cases are because of excessive fat accumulation.Since the skin of this area in thin and nerves and blood vessels are located near the skin,liposuction should be carefully preformed. The fold on the armpit is delicately incised not to be noticeable.

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