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Ten Lifting Surgery In Korea

What is the Ten Lifting ?

Ten Lifting is our unique lifting procedure that makes you look 10 years younger without incision. Wrinkles obtained from aging and lost skin elasticity are multiply improved through this new concept customized lifting, which takes about 30 min and provides an appropriate solution to each person according to the patient’s physical traits and desired area.

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1:1 Customized Diagnostic Procedures of ten lifting By Age/Area

Aging Starts from Your Late 20’s! As you get old, collagen generation in the dermis is getting slow down and the skin gets thin, sagging with wrinkles. As the regeneration ability of the skin decreases, there appear wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. And, with no time to recover, you would have complex sagging jaw lines, so the skin loses its elasticity. Also, these days, even those in their 20’s as well as middle-aged people have wrinkles and sagging skin because of stress and environmental factors.

Our lifting & Anti-aging Center developed Ten Lifting surgery in Korea which enables you to have a selective procedure as per your age or desired area, and suggests 1:1 customized diagnosis and procedures.

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Painless Sedation Method in the Ten Lifting Procedure

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Our Safe and Trustworthy ten Lifting & Anti-aging Procedures

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