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Alar Base Reduction Korea

The alar base plays an important role in the overall appearance and proportion of the nose. An overly wide or flared alar base will lead to a bottom heavy nose and disrupt the delicate balance of an otherwise properly executed wide nose surgery or rhinoplasty.

Alar base reduction in Korea is used when the size of the nostrils are disproportionally enlarged relative to the nasal tip and also the position of the eyes. The nostril can be addressed with alar base reduction when the nostril is flared due to a wide nasal base, or the nostril can be narrowed with alar wedge excisions when the nasal base is not particularly wide but the nostrils are large and flare.


In Case of Wide Alars

Alar Base Reduction-Image 1


It is possible to apply in every case and it is generally operated method which gathers alars after making incision on the base of alars and suture



In Case of Wide Width of Alars

Alar Base Reduction-Image 2


Alars are not very wide, but when the area between nostrils is wide then the base of nostrils are incised and tied up between both nostrils and gather alars.




Alar Base Reduction-Image 3

There are two different Alar Base Reduction Korea surgeries for nose shapes and make them in harmony with each other, these are-

    • Wide NoseWidth
      Excessively wide nostrils may be a result of genetics, ethnicity or other factors and it is very common among our patients because many have this genetic problem. There are two ways of making the width of nose to narrow: ALAR CLINCHING METHOD, in this type without any scars the wide nose surgery is carried out by our experienced doctors and compared to the other method, it is the best one opted by all surgeons. In the next method, a minimal incision is made and in some rare cased they use this process and scars may be found after wide nose surgery.


  • Narrow nose width
    It is the corrective surgery that moves the outer skin of the nose wing into the nostrils. In this type there is a possibility of recurrence, but it has no troubles like scars. By our experienced professional surgeons, we carry out diverse techniques of wide nose surgery that are trustworthy and makes you look even more better with a beautifully shaped nose that suits your facial features.


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