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Nasal Tip Surgery Korea


A fat or wide tip of the nose is another of the top reasons people seeks corrective rhinoplasty. The lower third or the tip of the nose is the most distinguishing features of someone’s face. We perform nasal tip surgery for all natural nasal shapes according to your desire.

In rhinoplasty, nasal tip surgery Korea is approached as a separate part of the procedure because of its mobility and animation. Objective is to create a clearly defined stable and properly projecting tip that appears more symmetrical from frontal and basal views, more triangular on the basal view leading to more amalgamated appearance that goes well with rest of the face.


The ideal shape of the nose is not pointed but sharp and slightly lifted whereas Asians have a blunt nose with soft tissues on nose tip. In the goal of making beautiful noses, various strategies in nose surgery can be incorporated such as the suture of the cartilage, nose cartilage transplantation, or erecting pillars in nose.

In the past, when it came to nose reshaping, people would think you heightened your nose. But, these days, it doesn’t merely heighten the nasal bridge and people now prefer a slightly upturned nasal tip shape. So, making a beautiful nose shape is up to the shape of nasal tip surgery and the line of it. The Easta Medical service’s tip surgery is performed based on ample experience and know-how of a nose reshaping specialist who has 12 year career. To make it harmonize with one’s face, it proceeds in consideration of the nasal tip’s shape, length, ideal height, position at front, etc. and we make an ideal shape from any angle. Also, using autologous cartilage which is not an artificial implant, side effects are minimized and a natural-looking nose is made, harmonizing with the facial balance and 3-dimensional effects.


Specialties in Nasal Tip Surgery in Korea

Nasal Tip Surgery Korea


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