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Male Nose Reshaping Surgery Korea

In male nose reshaping, a straight line from the brow to the tip is preferred rather than the one like a woman’s. If the nasal tip is too high, it looks unnatural. So, a moderate and natural height should be achieved to harmonize with the whole face with Male Nose Reshaping. A flat nose, aquiline nose, and stubby nasal tip may also give unchic and undesirable impressions.
Our male nose reshaping is conducted based on experience and know-how of medical specialists of the Nose Surgery Center with 12-year career along by a customized diagnosis and analysis. The procedure of Male Nose Reshaping is performed safely on from the nasal bridge to nasal tip. As a clear-cut nose is created with consideration for the whole harmony, male customers are highly satisfied with our male nose reshaping that enables chic and masculine images.



Our Key points for Male Nose Reshaping

  • Concerning on ample experience and know-how of medical specialists in male nose reshaping with 12-year career
  • A small looking face with improved effects of a protruding mouth and consideration of the whole facial harmony
  • Safe and accurate practices by an elaborate surgery from the nasal bridge to tip


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