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Reoperation Of Vaginoplasty/ Vagina Revision Surgery Korea

What is reoperation of Vaginoplasty?

Taking care of women hurt by the wrong quality cosmetic surgery and help them regain pelvic health and go back to normal sexual life with vagina plastic surgery.


vaginal-yeast-infection surgery


What are the most common causes of reoperation of Vaginoplasty?

  1. Vaginal opening is too small not to have sexual pain, while inside vagina is wide and loose
  2. Heard inside the vagina is taken care of but no difference before/after surgery
  3. After receiving the implants
  4. Severe small and repeating vaginitis infection
  5. After having vaginal plastic surgery several times, then come to us as a last resort.



More women want reoperation of Vaginoplasty every year!

  • Design on the extended vaginal mucosa and have decortications with ophthalmic plastic scissors
  • Bind muscles from cervix to the vaginal opening, reducing vagina volume.

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Patient will receive sufficient counseling before deciding on revision vagina plastic surgery

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Vagina revision surgery and vagina reconstruction

It is often, the aftereffects of reduction Vaginoplasty will be not as much as ideal. Now and again, they may even be out and out inadmissible. What would you be able to do if you discover this is the situation with your procedure?


While poor outcomes are substantially more prone to happen in untrained or under-prepared hands, even very much experienced surgeons may deliver a poor result every now and then therefore of a

  • patient’s testing anatomy,
  • poor technique or
  • miscalculation, or
  • patient over-operation of the area

While a few patients feel for the most part fulfilled even with problematic outcomes, as the removal of bulk is their general objective, others may wish a minor revision or—on account of absolutely unsatisfactory outcomes—re-operation or reconstruction.




Revision versus re-operation/Reconstruction

Vaginoplasty revisions are typically done in circumstances where a humble dissymmetry should be rectified, a “dog ear” or noticeable edge should be smoothed, a scar should be fixed, or a little “polyp” or anomaly should be removed. vagina revision surgery or vagina reconstruction, then again, is the “re-try” of an altogether unacceptable outcome.

Minor revisions can for the most part be performed without much ado by the first surgeon in their office under straight neighborhood anesthesia with an insignificant recuperation period. Minor revisions are generally performed for nothing out of pocket by the first surgeon, yet there is normally a charge for re-constructions, and it is regularly more prominent than the first surgery as these surgeries are much of the time troublesome and tedious.




Unfortunately, no less than half of the time with “messed up” Vaginoplasty, surgical reconstruction is unthinkable. This is particularly the case in circumstances of over-removal—i.e. “cutting everything off” or “removal,” which can happen when you select a general gynecologist not particularly prepared in plastic system and cosmetic gynecology. This does not mean there is no expectation, as a decent sexual prescription professional can work with these patients in different ways (sexual treatment, the utilization of intensified estrogen/testosterone gels to the bared area, and so on.)


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