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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty in Korea is a surgery to repair or reshape the nose. This may be performed for cosmetic reasons to improve the appearance and proportion of the nose and improve a person’s self-confidence. Rhinoplasty in Korea is most famous and recognised in the world as it is one of the most operated surgery, Rhinoplasty in Korea is performed a lot as people in Asia are normally born with a flat nose.

Rhinoplasty Korea can change the size of the nose, as well as its width and profile. The nose tip, shape of the nostrils and balance of the nose (nasal symmetry) can also be altered. Surgery of the nose can reduce or augment structures of the nose using cartilage grafted from other areas of the body. Occasionally, a piece of cartilage from the ear and (rarely) a section of rib cartilage may be used.


Some of the conditions that can be corrected by Rhinoplasty in Korea include:

  • Broken nose.
  • Nasal structural problems, from birth defects of the nose or due to injury.
  • Nasal obstruction.
  • Self-consciousness about the size or shape of the nose.

If you’re looking for a highly effective method to change the size and shape of your nose and improve your appearance, then a nose job or Rhinoplasty Korea is something you should consider. Also, those who suffer from the respiratory problem will benefit from rhinoplasty Korea.


Before and After Photo:

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