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Revision Nose Surgery

Revision nose surgery is required to significantly repair and improve the appearance of an over- or under-operated nose and re-establish a natural, harmonizing, well-proportioned look to it and the face as a whole. It is also needed to improve nasal function, especially breathing, as required. Although nose surgery in Korea is the finest destination but nose revision surgery may often necessary.

Most of revision nose surgery cases are because of dissatisfaction about the nose shape or side effects incurred from the initial surgery. Revision nose surgery is necessary when the shape of the nose is different from what you want, the implant is too high, it moves too much, seen through the skin, the nasal tip too sharp, and the nose collapses or there’s an infection. Not to make secondary revision surgery, the operation should be performed according to your original nose shape through an accurate consultation and analysis by your doctor. Also, it is very important to receive an operation from a specialist in revision surgery who has a lot of experience for nose surgery in Korea.


When You Need Revision Nose Surgery

  • You had nose reshaping but the shape is not satisfactory.
  • It is noticeable you had surgery and the nose shape looks unnatural.
  • The implant is seen through the skin.
  • The nasal bridge is bent.
  • The infection is severe because of the implant.
  • You have a contracture after having nose reshaping.


Why Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery?

  • This procedure of nose surgery in Korea can restore a more natural look to a nose that has been over-operated and appears too small, short, long, narrow, wide or twisted.
  • It can further refine a nose that did not have a full correction with the previous procedure.
  • Impaired nasal breathing caused by previous surgeries can be substantially improved.
  • In the hands of the right specialist, revision Rhinoplasty gives patients a renewed sense of self-confidence and the real hope of having a natural looking nose that enhances their facial features.


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