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Quick Cheekbone Surgery Korea

Cheekbone surgery is a simple and effective Zygomaplasty compared to existing complexes arch reduction. More remarkable effect can be seen in case that lateral cheekbones are more protuberant than front cheekbones.

The need to reduce or narrow down wide cheeks is a far less common demand than making it bigger. Since everyone wants to look young and attractive, they also tend to showcase their face very narrow that looks tender and draws their attention in the throng. For those who are desired in altering their cheeks don’t panic to go in for a quick cheekbone surgery Korea as it is very simple and painless, we at ‘Easta Medical’ make it with utmost proficiency and care.


Surgical principles of cheekbone surgery Korea

There are two different types of cheekbone surgery.

Quick Cheekbone Surgery-Image 11. Body : This region refers to the frontal cheekbone and prominence of the frontal cheekbone makes the outer ends of the eye look prominent or wider than normal.  The frontal cheekbone can be shaved off, and bone removal is required to move the entire cheekbone inwards.

2. Arch : This region refers to the rear part of the cheekbone, which makes the face look wide from the front view and very bumpy from the side view because the frontal region of the ear is protruding. This part of the arch is cut near the sideburn region and the frontal cheekbone is also excised, making the entire cheekbone and arch move inward.

In most cases, both the body of the cheekbone and its arch are prominent. Therefore, surgical procedures on both parts are performed simultaneously.


Suitable cases for Quick Cheekbone Reduction Surgery Korea

  • A wide and flat face
  • Bumpy face outline due to high cheekbones
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Face looks bigger than the actual in photographs
  • Strong-looking
  • Dark shadows under the cheekbones


Quick-arch reduction know-how

  • Maximizing reduction of facebone size by cheek reduction
  • Maximizing the effect of full face
  • Easy and quick facial contouring
  • No worries about swelling and drooping cheek
  • Rapid recovery with a little pain
  • One-day surgery by conscious sedation


The way of Quick-arch reduction

  • Minimal incision(1.5~2cm) at the upper scalp of the ear
  • 3D CT taken before surgery
  • Operation time: 20~30 min.
  • Conscious sedation
  • Remove stitches 3days after the surgery
  • Outpatient treatment: 2nd day & 5th day after the surgery (twice)
  • One-day surgery (no hospitalization)


Accurate and Safe

Easta Medical Quick Zygomaplasty

Easta Medical’s Quick Zygomaplasty uses a lateral cheekbone reposition method, not a complicated cheekbone reduction surgery Korea as the conventional method, so it’s simple, and pain and swelling are less thanks to a short operation time as 30 min or around, enabling quick recovery to get back to everyday life.

Quick Cheekbone Surgery-Image 3



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