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Non-Incision Eye Correction Surgery Korea

VividEye, non-incisional double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction, bases its procedure with special consideration for the eye-opening power, eye shape and size. This advanced corrective eye surgery maintaining double eyelid line semi-permanently.

Blepharoptosis is the situation of weak eye opening making the eyelids look drooping and gives a glassy look to them. Ptosis correction opens up your eyes to the new look making your eyes look bigger, better and more beautiful with their larger opening style. This new ptosis correction surgery Korea procedure was introduced in 2010, and just like its name, is performed without using any incisions.

In case, you have beautiful large eye contours ptosis correction is the much-needed non-incision surgery that you need for corrective eye surgery.



Special Features of Ptosis correction Surgery in Korea

  • It is a non-incision surgery
  • It keeps the double eyelid semi-permanently with a multi-knot method.
  • In the end, it gives you sharper, larger and more beautiful looking clearer eyes
  • A quick recovery and a little swelling since there is no surgical incision
  • Ptosis correction without incision

Get a new look of on your face with eye Correction surgery making your eyes larger and bigger.



What Is Blepharoptosis surgery?

Blepharoptosis is a symptom that the muscle which lifts the eye is weakened resulting in droopy eyelids,
then you open your eyes using the eyebrow and the forehead. In case of blepharoptosis,
the droopy eyelid covers the iris so you look sleepy or tired.



Non-incisional Correction?



Weak Eye Muscles

If you receive double eyelid surgery without ptosis correction even though your eye muscles are weak, it can be easily untied.


  • Through eye correction surgery, the rate of untying cases is reduced.
  • You can open your eyes naturally without straining the forehead and eye brows, and can have a clear eye shape.

Sleepy Eyes

Even though you strain your eye brows or forehead, the muscles around the eyes are weak so it looks sleepy and dull.




  • Through ptosis correction, double-knotting the muscles and creases, it strengthens the muscles to lift the eyelids. Indeed, you can have a nice eye shape.




You had eyelid surgery but it doesn’t look natural and your eyes look small

In case double eyelid surgery was done without ptosis correction, creases look big and unnatural, still covering the iris, so the eyes look even smaller.


  • Knotting a part of the eye muscles that lifts the eyelids and shortening the length of the muscles, it strengthens the muscles to lift the eyelids, and then you will have a cool and clear eye shape.


Blepharoptosis Surgery Before and After Photo

Non-incision Eye Correction-image 12

Non-incision Eye Correction-image 13

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