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Mini Liposuction Korea

Those who have undergone this surgery and have left the operating room, moved and satisfied were undoubtedly lucky, which is not very encouraging at the time of surgery.

Among the main attractions of this technique is the reduced cost, which frequently reaches half of what it would charge in a traditional liposuction. But it is essential not to lie, as mini liposuction regards the outcome to be achieved, there is a need for multiple sessions, and therefore, the cost can be equal to that charged by liposuction.

The procedure is the same as when the patient undergoes a liposuction, with the proviso that anesthesia in a mini liposuction is local. As the person who is operated cannot rest in a long surgery depending on the gender of anesthesia, the different interventions are precise so that the outcome is the desired one.

In general, the patient needs more time at the operating table; it is treated with anesthetics, which is enormously dangerous, as poisonings can occur. And it is based on the amount of mini liposuction carried out, the procedure has several dangers: there is more danger of preoperative and postoperative inconveniences and also throughout the surgery.

If you are still determined to venture, even after being informed of the abundant dangers, you should know that the mini liposuction is indicated only for people with very little fat; in those cases where there is a lot of fat it is not recommended.

Merits of Mini Liposuction

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Operational Areas of Mini Liposuction Korea

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Combination with Liposuction + Fat Graft

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