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Heart Line Fat Graft Korea

The Heart-line Fat Graft injects into a part that makes most beautiful figure of face. Which is starting from forehead, malar, cheek to chin.

There are many people who want to have Younger looking face so Heart line facial Fat Grafting is highly sought after these days. Heart line facial Fat Graft surgery can make adorable and younger looking face line safely without any adverse reaction since their own fat is used. Also, Heart line Fat Graft can gives you more satisfactory result than filler or implant and Heart line Fat Grafting surgery can volumize your face naturally.


Features of Heart-Line facial Fat Graft Surgery

  • More than 10,000 times experience and know-how in fat graft
  • A high survival rate by 5-step fine split fat graft
  • Use the world’s most advanced cannula; MIRRORⅡ
  • Lipokit fat graft that is no exposure in the air
  • One-to-one personalized surgery that fits in the individual face outline


What Are the Requirements for a Baby Face Fat Grafting Surgery?

  • The face looks the most ideal when the proportion of the upper, middle, and lower face is 1:1:0.8.
  • Heart Line facial Fat Graft of the Lifting & Anti-aging Center at The Line Plastic Surgery is conducted considering the golden ratio, a requirement of a baby face, from the designing step before the surgery.
  • It gives moderate volume as seen from the side as well as the front. Also, it fills sunken and hollow areas to make it look well-proportioned, and repositions where the volume is excessive, completing a baby face. This is available by 1:1 customized diagnosis before surgery.



Customized Face-Balance Procedures with More Than 10,000 Cases of know how in Face Contouring

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Heart Line Fat Graft Surgery by Lipokit

Heart Line Fat Grafting surgery, the fat is mainly taken from where the fat is excessive such as thighs, buttocks, abdomen, etc. The fat taken is transferred onto flat forehead, sunken eyelids, under the eye and cheeks, so that the face can be stereoscopic with suitable volume. The Line uses lipokit-fat-transfer way which makes fat survival rate high without air exposure and it refines and transfers only pure fat making fat survival rate higher more than 70%, so that only one-off fat grafting can maintain proper amount of volume on face for long time.

Heart Line Fat Graft_image 5


Features of Lipokit

  • The Line takes only fine fat excluding oil, blood, body fluids, and anesthetic, through lipokit centrifugation.
  • Harvested fat is injected through 5 steps of skin layers for smooth and natural skin surface of the face, so that you can receive exquisite fat grafting with high rate of fat survival.
  • Since the fat for transplantation is put in centrifugation and only pure fat is grafted, swelling problem is remarkably reduced and it helps quick recovery.
  • Lipokit, which suction and centrifugal process is performed at once, blocks air exposure and risks of infection so that anxiety from infection and complication is lessened, also, it keeps the effect of fat grafting for long time by pure fat transfer with high rate of fat survival.
  • Not using artificial prostheses such as collagen, restylane and AlloDerm, safety implantation and clustering can be done quickly and recovery after the surgery is fast. And, there are no side effects with this comfortable and safe transplantation, since it doesn’t make you feel any foreign body.





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