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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery Korea

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat is aspirated from the arms, abdomen, or thighs and it’s transferred to the breasts. The fat which is difficult to shed by exercise is smoothly contoured and the harvested fat is used to give volume in the breasts and to make a natural breast line. After liposuction in the arms, abdomen, and thighs, the fat is transferred to breasts. You can contour your body through liposuction in where it’s difficult to lose fat by exercise and have a natural breast line adding volume in your chest using the harvested fat for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation.

A fat transfer for a breast augmentation is mainly used when patients undergo liposuction. Next we will see some details of this technique.

If you want a breast augmentation more naturally, fat transfer is one of the right ways. This procedure is usually done when patients undergo liposuction; that is not used, any type of implant.

The benefits of a breast augmentation through fat transfer are many. First, the complications that can be caused by the implant will not be exposed. On the other hand, there are no scars in the breasts because the fat is introduced by injection and also achieved an aesthetic improvement in the figure, by extracting fat from other parts of the body. Finally, the breasts remain with a natural aspect, increasing their size and improving the figure.

Do not forget that to undergo a breast augmentation you must be completely healthy, and have your breasts already developed. Pregnancy, old age or weight loss are some causes for the fall of the breasts, this can also be taken into account when making the decision to operate. Remember that in these cases is also important personal satisfaction, if you do not feel happy with your moms, you can also be a good candidate.

It is likely that the specialist will ask you to use a tissue expansion in the weeks before the procedure. It should be noted that a tissue expansion is a technique that is used for the growth of additional skin, for the reconstruction of any part of the body.


Good Candidates for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

  • You want breast surgery but are reluctant to have implants in your body.
  • You have much fat in the lower body or abdomen but have less volume in your chest.
  • Your are satisfied with your breast volume but the breast sizes are different.
  • After childbirth and breast feeding, the breast is sagging but body fat has increased.
  • You want to receive breast enlargement but are afraid of general anesthesia


Completion of Liposuction and Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Both At Once!

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Features of Fat Transfer Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Fat Transfer Breast Reconstruction Surgery, Why choose us?

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Procedures of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

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