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Face Reshaping Surgery Korea

Face Reshaping Surgery means reshaping the profile face, the profile line, and this operation makes a beautiful profile harmonizing with the whole face. Along with basic nose reshaping, face reshaping surgery regulates the length of the nose and corrects the profile line adjusting angles to make harmony overall. Also, with the front and side views all considered, the effects are maximized and results are great.

Our Face Reshaping Surgery Korea is performed based on ample experience and know-how by medical specialists of the Eye & Nose Surgery Center, through 1-1 customized diagnosis and analysis.


3-point 3D face reshaping Surgery (Forehead, Nose, Chin)

  • From the forehead to the chin, perfect harmony!
  • 3D effects and anti-aging effect UP!
  • A perfect face outline from any angle in 3600

Facial Profile Reshaping-Image 1


3-Point 3D face reshaping surgery, Why with us?

Facial Profile Reshaping-Image 2


Nose + Forehead Reshaping

A natural S-line from the forehead to nasal tip
A lively round forehead, nasal bridge, and nasal tip


Perfect 3D Harmony!

Facial Profile Reshaping-Image 3


Nose + Chin Augmentation Surgery

From a clear nasal bridge to a slim and 3-dimensional V-lined chin!
A Slim and Smooth Face Outline!

Facial Profile Reshaping-Image 5


Nose + Fat Graft

The golden ratio of a beautiful face
Enlivening the volume in a flat face
A Baby-face Angle and Babyface Outline!

Facial Profile Reshaping-Image 8


Operation Method of 3-point 3D Surgery of face reshaping surgery Korea

Facial Profile Reshaping-Image 10


Face Reshaping Surgery Before and After Photos:

Facial Profile Reshaping_before after (1)

Facial Profile Reshaping_before after (2)

Facial Profile Reshaping_before after (3)

Facial Profile Reshaping_before after (4)

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