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Double Eyelid / Eye Surgery in Korea

Double Eyelid Surgery in South Korea – Minimal-Incision Buried Suture  

Through a tiny incision, fat is removed and the remaining part is reshaped in the buried suture technique, then natural and thin double eyelids are made with a minimal scar. Scars and swelling are minimized. This method is distinguished from the conventional buried suture method that simply ties eyelids. Also, Easta Medical’s Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea lessens the possibility of untied knots.


double eyelid surgery korea

Double Eyelid Surgery


Double Eyelid Surgery – Medial Canthoplasty

The folds at the inner corner of the eyes, so-called Mongolian Folds, are removed to make the eyes wider. The incision is made not to make bigger eyes, but a few millimeters hidden in the Mongolian Folds are untied in order that the inner corner of the eyes is revealed outwards.


Double Eyelid Surgery


Bigger, Brighter, and Clearer!

Double Eyelid Surgery images


  • Eye Reshaping to Make Big and Clear Eyes

    Small and narrow eyes can be changed to big and clear eyes through Easta Medical Crystal Eye Surgery

  • Less Blessing & Fast Recovery

    According to traits of each eye shape, a non-incision, minimal incision, and customized incision are made for less swelling and fast recovery.

  • Natural Movements of Double Eyelids

    Changes of double eyelid lines by eye movements are minutely identified and reflected in the operation to achieve natural movements.

  • 3D Effects & Harmony by Facial Shape!

    Crystal Eye Surgery in South Korea is harmonized with the whole face shape and balance, achieving big and cool eye shapes.


Double Eyelid Surgery Before & After Photo:

Double Eyelid Surgery Before & After Photo 01

Double Eyelid Surgery Before & After Photo 02

Double Eyelid Surgery Before & After Photo 03

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