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Double Eyelid Revision

Double eyelid surgery in Korea is one of the most practised surgery by the Doctors in Korea. South Korea Eye Surgery is very common in Asia for the people that are born with single eyelid and to fix this eyelid surgery in Korea is very famous. Very often sometimes a double eyelid surgery in Korea may not bring the expected results and need further correction.

South Korea Eye Surgery corrects various problems incurred by wrong-performed double eyelid surgery in Korea. The most common problems are thick folds, deep and strong folds, so-called sausage lines, scars, etc. These problems mostly appear altogether and South Korean Eye Surgery is once and all solution with different procedure.

Double Eyelid Revision_image 1

Diagnosis of Revision Eyelid surgery

double eyelid revision-image 1

Analysis of Revision Eyelid Surgery in Korea

Double Eyelid Revision_image 2

Operation Procedure by Type of Eyelid Surgery in Korea

Double Eyelid Revision_image 3

Before and After Photo of eyelid surgery in Korea:

Double Eyelid Revision_image 7

Double Eyelid Revision_image 8

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