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Corset Liposuction Korea

What is Corset Liposuction Surgery?

You must care about your back for a perfect body shape. This area is where women are particularly concerning about when wearing a tight cloth. Fat is accumulated and overlapped around the brassiere line, which is not easily lost even if you go on a diet.

The operation should proceed after softening fat tissues by a laser and external ultrasound scans. The Line’s Corset Liposuction surgery as an elaborate procedure achieves a firm and perfect back line.

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The operation and incision Area of Corset Liposuction ?

The Line body contouring center creates a slim and firm back line based on 16,000 cases of surgical experience and know-how in liposuction. 

Surgical scars are exposed even if you wear a bikini as the incision is made on the tailbone in between the buttocks.

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Core Know-how of Corset Liposuction

Like You Wear a Corset

Corset Liposuction

Corset Liposuction means overall liposuction on the handles, brassiere lines, and back. The back line which couldn’t be successfully reshaped by handles liposuction alone is beautiful reshaped like you wear a corset.

In case you have a fleshy, fibrosis is severe, elasticity decreases, and the texture in this area becomes easily loose, so liposuction is a difficult on this area. However, since The Body Contouring Center performs the surgery based on thousands of cases in liposuction and its know-how, patient satisfaction is very high.

Plastic surgery uses a SECRET which doesn’t leave an exposed scar? Liposuction is done through the tailbone in between the buttocks? So the scar is not revealed outwards.

Back Liposuction without Leaving an Exposed Scar through a secret scar system

As international trips and travelers heading to Southeast Asia increase, people have more opportunities to wear a bikini regardless of season. Also, as fashion styles are getting more diversifying, clothes that reveal the back part are getting popular. Back liposuction seeks perfection of an s-line along with fat removal from the back and thanks to the unexposed scar even with a revealing cloth , you can wear whatever you want. Back liposuction is performed

By a 2-4mm small incision inside the navel at the end of the tailbone, so the scar heals fast and it is not exposed.

A Lively S-line on the Back

Fat in a triangle shaped zone where the flanks and pelvis meet and hard fat under the brassiere line are removed to make the back of the upper body slim, and the fat in this area disappears and s-line comes out instead.

Our Features of Corset Liposuction Korea


  1. Corset Liposuction Korea without an exposed scar The operation is performed through a tiny incision inside the navel or on the tailbone so the scar is not visible.
  1. 1:1 customized surgery in consideration of individual physical traits A patient’s body type, age, skin, and abdominal fascia are meticulously analyzed and we enhance patient’s satisfaction by conducting 1:1 customized treatments for surgical accuracy and safety.


  1. Body contouring specialists who can conduct elaborate surgery based on various types of experience in years The Line body contouring medical team has 16,000 cases of experience in various types for 12 years, so a proportionate and charming body line can be achieved.
  1. Two anesthesiologists on call 24/365 The Line Body Contouring Center solves patient’s anxiety by 1:1 anesthesia and prevents anesthetic accidents in advance.
  1. A slim body The flank being reshaped, your waist line looks slender and smooth from all angles from the front, back, and 45-degrees.


  1. A scientific aftercare management system Radiofrequency and Endermologie are used after surgery for swelling care and skin elasticity regenerative treatments. The skin which could be loose after liposuction is tightened, which makes the final results more outstanding.

Corset Liposuction Before and After Photos

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