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Calf Liposuction Korea

Calf liposuction is a procedure that reduces whole calf volume by suctioning out the fat between the muscle (calf knot) and skin. The calves need an elaborate suction using a fine cannula as there’s not much fat in the calves. Reduced sizes differ from person to person and it can be performed on the ankle area, too, for a slimmer and smoother leg line. Unlike other areas, the fat layer of the calf is one and thin, so, if the surgery is performed by an unskillful technique, irregular lines may appear or the effect could be insignificant because of insufficient amount of aspirated fat. Therefore, an operating surgeon’s ample experience and know-how should be the base of this procedure.

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We encountering various calf reshaping cases, does many academic activities such as giving lectures and education for specialists from Korea and abroad. Also, having more than 6,000 cases of surgical experience and know-how, we conduct elaborate and delicate surgery. Furthermore, a 3-step co-operative system by specialists of plastic surgery, general surgery, and anesthesia enables safe calf reshaping along with a scientific operation program.


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Why Our Calf Muscle Liposuction!

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