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Calf Botox Korea

Calf Botox is a procedure to correct bulging and ugly calf muscles into a smooth line. This is not a procedure to slim down the whole calf thickness. Calf reduction is repeatedly desirable by women with large muscular calves. Botox calf reduction is a non surgical cosmetic process in which multiple Botox treatments are administered on the Calf or lower limb area. These results is reducing the action of calf muscle which causes it to atrophy .Botox calf reduction treatments require multiple sessions over a few months to get the ideal result. Maintenance can be performed at depending on individual circumstances.

Procedures of the Calf Reduction Botox

Calf Reduction Botox is to inject medicine into the muscle, not into the fat, to get a muscle reduction effect. As the volume of the muscle knots is reduced and bulging shapes disappear, the whole calf line becomes smooth. However, calf botox is a semi-permanent procedure so you need to have this procedure again after 6 months when the effects of the medicine disappear.

Who can choose Botox Calf reduction treatment?

Usually, women who have bulging calves or muscular calves and they want to achieve slimmer and more feminine calves, can accept calf reduction treatment by Botox. It is simple and easy procedure with smallest amount of possible side-effects

General Overview of Botox Calf Reduction Procedure

As it is already known fact that Botox is an approved and prescribed medication which is used in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It basically restricts the activity of muscles, making them inactive.

In the procedure of calf reduction using Botox, the practitioner or doctor selects certain muscles in the calves which are stress-free. Mainly, gastronomies muscle is the cause of bulkiness and muscular appearance. When these muscles become inactive, they start shrinking and progressively become smoother. This result is reduction of size of the calves. It is important for the patients to note that the regular calf functioning is not restricted and they can carry out their regular activities.

Benefits of Calf Reduction with Botox

  • Quick and easy procedure
  • No scarring
  • No down time
  • Reduction in the prominence and size of calf muscle
  • Non-surgical treatment

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Features of Calf Botox Korea

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