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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Korea

In common, the face is the most important part of the body. Among the facial features, it is the nose that plays the noteworthy role as it is in the middle and also considered as the hub for attraction. So having an asymmetric nose leads to a feeling of warped body image that affects your self-confidence. The Barbie doll is the most adoring one that everyone loves and it is also the influential one that causes persons to long for it.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Korea at Easta Medical considers overall facial line when the rhinoplasty is done and it plans not only the line and angle of the nose but also the overall line which riches from the forehead, the bridge of nose and to the chin in order to look natural making doll-like beautiful facial line at any angle.


Features of the Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Korea

  • Up The Bridge Of The Nose

    Barbie-Nose Rhinoplasty-image 1
    Surgery to make flat nose prominent with inner incision of the nose. Up the bridge of nose with artificial prosthesis or by autoplasty. Lively facial out line overall.

  • Up The Nasal Tip Barbie-Nose Rhinoplasty-image 2

    Prominent nose by Barbie nose rhinoplasty with the nasal tip slightly upwards. Effects of stereoscopic, slim and refined image with personalized scientific nasolabial angle.

  • Beautifully-Angled Nasal Tip

    The nasal point of BARBIE-NOSE RHINOPLASTY is the most distinguishing point compared to other rhinoplasties. It connects from nasal bridge to nasal tip naturally and femininely making the BARBIE-NOSE.

  • Smooth And Natural Bridge Of The Nose 

    The bridge of the nose positioned at the middle of the forehead is the center of the whole face and essential point which decides impression influencing whole facial features.The BARBIE-NOSE RHINOPLASTY makes it prominent and natural with fine design harmonizing with each other facial feature.


Our Specialties in Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)



Say Hello to Your Beautiful Self with Rhinoplasty Korea

Living in a society that prostrates down to beauty and attractive features, having looks below average can be a serious confidence killer. There are many people in the world around, living behind closed doors, hiding their selves in drapes and masks while wishing to be accepted by the society but all in vain. People like these are the ones who are rejected by the world and are forced to look down to them with hatred and loathe. But in recent times, if you are unsatisfied with your look, cosmetic surgery offers a variety of procedures that can help improve things.

  • Enhancing yourself Confidence

If your born with a crooked nose or broke it in an accident, no need to hide your features in layers of mask because Rhinoplasty Korea is one surgical procedure that can help change things for you. Because Korea is known to offer the best cosmetic procedures, Easta Medical is one clinic that tops the list when it comes down to providing satisfying and guaranteed results. Rhinoplasty Korea is one of the most opted surgical procedures which not only includes fixing crooked noses but changes its shape that compliments your features well.

  • Finding the Best Place

With changing features that you like, one can easily build their self-confidence and be accepted by the society. Easta Medical is known for its expert doctors who hold years of hands on experience and are the best in their field. If you wish to opt for Rhinoplasty Korea, there is no better place to go to than Easta Medical. Not only does this place provides complete before and after care services to the patients but every procedure is done to achieve guaranteed results and that too at most reasonable prices. Enhance your self-confidence and believe in yourself because once you go through Rhinoplasty to fix your nose, you’ll be in love with your new self.

Sometimes when you’re low on self-esteem, you may find it even harder for the society to accept you with the existing looks. Of you think your nose is placed wrongly on your face, Rhinoplasty can help you in changing this feature into something that you like and compliments your looks well and increase your confidence.



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