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Accessory Breast Liposuction Korea

Accessory breasts mean you have another breast tissue other than the normal breasts. Accessory breasts are commonly called a wart and it’s classified into three types: 1) there are nipples and breast tissue altogether, 2) there are only nipples, 3) there are only breast tissue.

Accessory breasts are found mainly around the armpit, and it has the same physiological phenomena as the original breast tissue. Once it’s severe it doesn’t look good and it may work as a cause of breast diseases. In this case, it should be removed by breast liposuction surgery or resection.


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Our Cases of Accessory Breast Liposuction

Accessory breasts on the armpit are the most common cases which need a surgical procedure
and the accessory breasts below the original breasts are the second most common. The main problems of the accessory breasts under the armpit are the appearance and pain. The accessory breasts below the originals are operated to improve appearance problems.

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Recommended for Accessory Breast Liposuction

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Reasons of Accessory Breasts

  • Female hormone has been overproduced
  • Female hormone has been overproduced because of a problem in the endocrine organ before your puberty
  • You have a problem with internal secretions which may cause hormone imbalance
  • There is no particular problem in hormone metabolism but you have accessory breasts as an idiopathic case
  • You are a male but your accessory breasts are big because of hormone imbalance


Features of Accessory Breasts Liposuction

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Procedures of Accessory Breasts Removal

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Merits of Accessory Breast Liposuction

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Breasts Surgery Before and After Photo:

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