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Posterior Vaginoplasty Surgery Korea

Posterior Vaginoplasty surgery is a surgical procedure performed to fix Vaginal Relaxation. Women with vaginal relaxation often complain they no longer feel the same amount of friction during intercourse. They will often describe vaginal looseness as a decrease in a woman’s ability to attain vaginal orgasms.


Reasons for Posterior Vaginoplasty surgery:

  • Multiple or prolonged deliveries.
  • The use of forceps, vacuum or other assisted methods of delivery.
  • A history of constipation and straining with bowel movements.
  • Perineum tears or an episiotomy into the rectum or anal sphincter muscles.
  • Aging, occasionally likely in younger women or in those that have not delivered children.
  • This problem may be preceded by hysterectomy because it is involved in damaging different structures supporting pelvic organs and ligaments and tissues around cervix supporting the anterior and posterior vaginal wall.


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To improve women’s sex function and pelvic health- We have these two aims of Vaginoplasty Surgery.

Posterior Vaginoplasty-Image 2What is colpoperineoplasty surgery?

Colpoperineoplasty is the plastic surgery procedure which is carried out on the perineum and extending to the inside of the vagina. This is a reconstructive surgery which helps to revive the condition of the vagina by tightening the muscles of the vagina, changing it size, contour and ultimately the function of it to that of the condition before the vaginal child births and vaginal laxity.

It is characteristic of the colpoperineoplasty at Easta Medical Group-

  1. As the surgery starts from the point of uterus inside, it is quite preventive of hysteroptosis.
  2. With the contraction pressure of vagina up, it becomes narrower to be the size of having only 1-2 fingers inside like you are newly married.. Accordingly, you can get more sexual satisfaction and confidence than ever out of this rejuvenating surgery. Accordingly, you can get more sexual satisfaction and confidence than ever out of this rejuvenating surgery.


Characteristic of the colpoperineoplasty surgery at Easta Medical Group – Make the vagina narrower from inside around the uterus and move outside, keep tightening it up.


Our surgery needs 5 skills as it starts from inside.


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Sleep anesthesia is applied in the beginning and the topical anesthesia as surgery goes on. After Vaginoplasty Surgery, patient can walk out of the hospital with little pain.


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This is the smart age; Judgment can be made just with photos


Posterior Vaginoplasty-Image 5



  • It is wrong to say the surgery is successful, just showing you the picture of contracted vagina.. Are you ready to get the operation for your nose and eyes at the clinic which doesn’t give you before/after photos?

Is it right not to present before/after photos in removing water warts from a patient?


  • We are in times to show everything to the clients for double check. It is a process of building up credibility with clients to present before/after photos.


  • The success of colpoperineoplasty surgery in Korea depends much on taking well care of the deep inside part of the vagina. If we are not confident in our skill, we can’t show the clients before/after photos.


It is our know-how to start the operation inside from the point of uterus and stitch up compactly.


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Have Colpoperineoplasty surgery in a safe place

Throwing away prejudice and misunderstanding!

Many women say out of prejudice that colpoperineoplasty gives just pain and its real effect is slight. Therefore, it is a matter of course to find a safe place to have a surgery in!


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Decortications of mucous membrane inside the vagina is the technology we have to prevent the side effects.


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