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Thermage Treatment Korea

Never let ageing take your youth away! Thermage treatment, which is a unique radiofrequency treatment, can help control the ageing of your skin by the utilization of the cutting-edge technology. It provides you with more beautiful younger looking skin.

The treatment provided by Thermage treatment is absolutely client oriented. The exposure and the radiofrequency provided are dependent upon the need and effectiveness over the patient’s body. The success story of the Thermage skin treatment is a prominent one due to patient-oriented approach.

Thermage treatment is dependent upon the radiofrequency to generate the heat to trigger the regeneration process of the cell underneath the skin. It also involves the cooling effect to protect the skin outside and to provide maximum patient comfort.

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Thermage treatment can be applied to the following:

The eyes– Thermage works on the both upper and lower eyelids to give a more tightened skin of the eyes. The fat and the sagging skin surrounding the skin can be removed easily without any incision or invasive process.

The overall face– The facial wrinkles and lines can be smoothens by the exposure to the radiofrequency. The fats and collagen structure of the face can be reformed to obtain a more tightened skin tone with younger looking countenance.

On the body– The exposure to Thermage to the body reduces any unwanted bulges and loosened skin. This non-invasive process provides a more smooth skin and body contour without any pain or incision.


Benefits of the thermage skin treatments

  • Lifting Sagging Skin
  • Firming Skin
  • Improving Wrinkles


Before and After Photo

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