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Gemini Laser Treatment Korea

There are several cutting edge laser equipments to fulfill the variegated purpose of treating variety of skin conditions. Gemini laser treatment is one such equipment made specially to treat multifarious conditions which includes unwanted pigmentation, freckles, broken vessels, sunspots, rosacea and unwanted hair. The equipment of Gemini is consists of two laser beams of different wavelengths which are 532nm (KTP) and 1064nm (Nd.YAG). The 532nm (KTP) is specially used for treatment of blood vessels, pigmentation, freckles and spots. On the other hand, the laser beam of 1064 (Nd.YAG), with more penetrating power is used to treat the deeper facial blood vessels and to remove the hair follicles to finally remove the hair. The Gemini laser treatment can be used for the face, neck, chest, back and hands.


Gemini Laser Treatment applications

The Gemini Laser can selectively treat a variety of skin problems with minimal or no disruption to the surrounding normal skin;

  • pigmentation, sunspots, freckles, sun-damaged skin
  • capillaries, and rosacea
  • removal of some raised spots e.g seborrhoiec keratosis, dermatosis papulosa nigra, skin tags
  • permanent hair reduction
  • treatment of pseudofolliculitis or ingrown hairs
  • treatment of leg veins, capillaries
  • treatment of venous lakes
  • port wine stains

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Benefits of the Gemini Laser Treatment

  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Reduction of sunspots
  • Reduction of freckles
  • Reduction of sun-damaged skin
  • Removal of raised lesions such as seborrhoeic keratoses, dermatosis papulosa nigra


Who is a Candidate?

Most skin types, except those with darker skin.


Before and After Photo of Gemini Laser Treatment in Korea:

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