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FUE Non-incision Hair Transplantation

Non-incision hair transplantation (FUE: Folicular Unit Extraction), unlike a hair transplantation method by collecting follicles from incision of occipital region, is an operation performed in a way that collects follicles of hair without incision and then transplants them onto where hair loss is proceeding. This operation collects unit of follicles without incision using a specialized extracting hand piece which is best hair transplant.


Strengths for non-incision hair transplantation

  • Relieving psychological pressure from hair transplantation operation
  • Hair transplantation without suturing caused by incision
  • Hair transplantation in almost no scars
  • Hair transplantation without tonsure
  • Hair transplantation with reduced pain after operation
  • Hair transplantation with high surviving rate of transplanted hair by preventing follicles from being damaged


Before and After Photo:

Non-incision FUE Hair Transplant_Before & After Image 1

Non-incision FUE Hair Transplant_Before & After Image 2

Non-incision FUE Hair Transplant_Before & After Image 3

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