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Orthodontics Treatment In Korea

Orthodontics treatment  is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. Orthodontic treatment can help fix the patient’s teeth and set them in the right place. Orthodontists usually use braces and clear aligners to set the patient’s teeth. Dentofacial orthopedcs center at S-Plant dental hospital is led by the center principle, Jae-Sik, Huh, Korea and America professional orthodontist and also an adjunct professor from the department of Orthodontics of Pacific University in America. He provides a customized medical treatment for a patient based on his own experience in America and Germany.

Incognito, Customized Lingual Aligner

Orthodontics_image 1Lingual Aligner is a very aesthetic orthodontic treatment method for the patient who feels uncomfortable with appliances shown outwardly. Thus, lingual aligner is places on the teeth surface facing to the inside. Incognito is lingual aligner, different from the conventional one, which is perfectly customized for a specific patient. Perfectly customized and manufactured for a specific patient based on the data obtained through CAD/CAM(Super-fine computer system), Incognito is smaller than the conventional one, so that it serves more comfortable feeling to users. Also, it is made of gold which is body-friendly material. About 2 weeks after the placement of incognito, you can talk with a proper pronunciation, which means it is placed successfully.


Invisalign, Customized Clear Aligner

Orthodontics_image 2Clear Aligner is also a very aesthetic orthodontic treatment method for the patient who feels uncomfortable with appliances shown outwardly, that they are manufactured in transparency. With Clincheck, tooth movement simulation program, the customized appliances are manufactured. There is almost no problem with speaking in proper pronunciation within a short time. You can put it on or off your teeth by yourself, so it can be cleaned easily. Virtually invisible, it feels almost nothing and gives few damages to your soft tissue like gum or tongue. You can visit out clinic fewer than ever.


Metal Bracket

Orthodontics_image 3The price is the most reasonable, and the function, especially of tooth arrangement, is very satisfactory. However the appliances, made of metal, are shown outwardly, so that it is not good aesthetically.




Ceramic Bracket

Orthodontics_image 4It is preferred appliances due to economical and reasonable price. In addition, the color is similar to the natural tooth as well. That’s why many patients prefer ceramic bracket concerning the precision and efficiency.




Clippy-C(Speed orthodontics)

Orthodontics_image 5Clippy-C, a self-ligation, continuously forces teeth to move fast by one-touch system which opens and closes easily instead of elastic band. Therefore, the treatment requires fewer visits to the clinic and shortens the period of treatment, 6 to 12 months decreased.




Combination Bracket

Orthodontics_image 6Concerning the upper teeth usually shown in smiling or talking in daily life, the lingual bracket is placed on the upper teeth, and the metal bracket is placed on the lower teeth. The price is more reasonable than that for the whole lingual bracket, and more aesthetic than the whole metal bracket. Easta Medical’s orthodontics treatment cost is affordable and best. kindly contact our clinic to get all detail about orthodontics treatment cost.

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