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Dental Laminate Veneer Korea

Laminate Ceramic Veneers, like plastic-resin bonding, cover stained and damaged teeth. Usually made of porcelain, Laminate Ceramic Veneers are cemented onto the surface of teeth to give the tooth a smooth, complete surface and a natural shine. The material used for Laminate Ceramic Veneers is extremely thin, preventing the bulkiness that can be a problem with plastic resin.

Dentoplasty is different from other dental veneers Korea treatments. Please take care of your valuable teeth in the hands of professional dentoplasty dentist of S-Plant dental hospital.


Laminate vaneer (Dental Ceramic Veneers)

In laminate (Dental ceramic veneer), the tooth surface of 0.3 to 0.6 mm depth is cut off, and an artificial nail-looking-ceramic slice (laminate is put on the cut area. It requires the smallest amount of tooth eduction. The ceramic veneer changes the arrangement, shape, size, and color of your teeth within a short time. It requires a short period of treatment for 1. to 2 weeks, and 2 to 3 visits to the hospital.

e.max Laminate vaneer
e.max Laminate provides 99% same as your original tooth in shape, color and strength, and the most natural looking ceramics among all-ceramic ones.

Classification Conventional Laminate Vaneer e.max Laminate Vaneer
Transparency mostly white as much as the original one
Similarity in color 90% 99%
Durability weak at physical impact. 5 times higher than the convention one.
Discolored tooth not recommended. recommended.


Laminate Veneer_Image 1

ALL-Ceramic Crown

All-ceramic crown covers the whole body of tooth with ceramic in the color of your original tooth. It is used not only for the aesthetic purpose, but also for the replacement for the broken or injured part of the tooth by accident or cavity. Higher in the strength than that of resin, all-ceramic crown can stay permanent depending on self-management after the treatment. However, concerning its attribute as ceramic, there is a risk of fracture. Therefore it is strongly recommended that not to bite a too-hard natter.

Laminate Veneer_Image 2

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