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Dental Caries Surgery Korea

Dental Caries is a tooth disease caused by the complex interaction of food, especially starches and sugars, with saliva and the bacteria that form dental plaque. The term also refers to the tooth cavities that result from the disease. Plaque bacteria produce acids that cause demineralization of enamel and enzymes that attack the protein component of the tooth. This process of Dental caries oral treatment, if untreated, ultimately leads to the formation of deep cavities and bacterial infection of the pulp chamber, which contains blood vessels and nerves.

Treatments of Dental caries surgery for cavity are often taken late by patients with the excuse of irregularly repeated pains. However, taking a dental treatment as soon as you feel pain is always recommended.

The Dental caries oral treatment modality for cavity varies depending on the place and size of cavity. Depending on the size of cavity, you can take In-lay treatment for a small size or On-lay for a large size.


Dental Caries_image 1


Dental Caries_image 2Resin Filling

Resin is an aesthetic material which is similar to the color of the original tooth. If the size of cavity is small, the cut part is filled with resin after removing decayed part. It can be completed with one visit.

Resin In-lay

Resin In-lay, manufactured in the color of the original tooth, is for the patient who has cavity, shown outwardly, in the large area. We recommend this resin inlay to the patient who has already has treated with amalgam or gold.



Ceramic In-lay

As an aesthetic dental material in the color of the original tooth, Ceramic In-lay is also recommended, to whom doesn’t want to show a treated part of tooth.


Dental Caries_image 3Gold In-lay

For the patient who has cavity in large area, especially on molar requiring a high biting force, Gold In-lay is recommended. It is not harmful to human body, and similar in strength and hardness to the original tooth.

Gold Crown

If root canal treatment is proceeded on the tooth infected by a serious cavity, the root canal should be completely disinfected, cut, and filled with body friendly dental material. Then, the tooth can be used as the original tooth. Because endodontic treatment is applied to a seriously decayed or broken tooth, the whole body of treated tooth should be covered with a crown.



S-PALNT dental hospital’s endodontic treatment is specialized the treatment with fine optical microscope.

The difference between naked eye and the vision of microscope is enormous. The fine optical microscope is very helpful especially in precision required process, such as root canal treatment, identifying microcrack of tooth, and root end surgery (apicoectomy). With the fine optical microscope, it is possible to check clearly the area of cavity. Therefore, a successful treatment with minimizing cutting tooth and minimum visit is possible.

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