How Much Does A Nose Job Cost feature imageEveryone on earth desires to have everything perfect and when it comes to the face, the nose is one of the prominent features that resemble the harmony and beauty. A perfect nose is something that is not by born gifted and sometimes people go really far to get that perfect nose. Nose surgery now a day is not an uncommon term as people often consider nose surgery to give the face a perfection which not only boosts confidence and self-esteem but also it gives people a chance to succeed better in Career in the fastest moving competitive job market.


A nose job is also known as Rhinoplasty and considered as one of the most complex procedure. Nose is a very delicate part of our face and often needs extra care for operating and an expert rhinoplasty surgeon is truly necessary to fully satisfied with a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty cost is often interpreted as the most costly plastic surgery treatment but after the boom of plastic surgery Korea and Korean Medical Tourism, Korea became the best destination for rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty cost in Korea is also a great factor which influences people to visit Korea and the Best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Korea as they operated the most number of procedure than most country.


Korean Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Prices (
Procedure KRW (minimum) KRW (maximum)
Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery ) ₩ 2,475,000 ₩ 3,712,500


It is also possible for the cost to differ in terms of the hospitals, Rhinoplasty Surgeon, as different hospitals and different surgeon use different techniques which are often unique in Surgeons innovation. But with respect to the other countries and at the same time Korea has the best rhinoplasty surgeon with the best Rhinoplasty cost in Korea.


The following factors would be used in estimating the cost and they are:

  • The shape of the nose, bridge, tip and also examination of the nasal bridge and area together
  • For the tip normally use ear cartilage, some doctors use septum cartilage (additional price)
  • Open method is the easiest way to have an operation and rhinoplasty cost may be unchanged.
  • For revision, if they do not have side effects like inflammation or infection, revision rhinoplasty will be totally possible, but the further plan will be discussed during an f2f consultation and the price.
  • If they have a combined surgery, the price is changed.


There may be also other factors which may influence the Rhinoplasty cost in Korea. We have a dedicated and expert team to help you with deciding the method and tell you how much Rhinoplasty cost in Korea. You are always welcome to speak to our representative for booking a free consultancy with the