Breast is one of the most prominent body parts of a female’s body, a great shape and firmness usually considered as the most ideal types of breast. It is very common these days for women to go under the surgery to get the desired shape.

Breast enlargement surgery is such a surgery which gives the breast an extra size either by fat grafting or by adding an implant to it. Breast enlargement cost is an issue women enquired for very frequently and in western countries it’s pretty high and Breast enlargement cost in Korea is more affordable varies and contingent upon many factors.

The breast enlargement procedure uses mainly two types of enlargement procedure which are adding breast implant or fat grafting. Breast implant is one of the most practiced procedures which have less downtime and faster recovery.


The breast enlargement cost in Korea (
Procedure KRW (minimum) KRW (maximum)
Breast Augmentation ₩ 8,800,000 ₩ 12,400,000
Breast augmentation (Motiva) ₩ 13,000,000 ₩ 16,500,000
Breast (Teardrop) ₩ 8,250,000  ₩ 11,550,000 


The factors which are identified are:

  • Depending on their thorax and fat amount around breast area, doctor recommends proper size/shape implant
  • Depending on the implant brand, price is changed.
  • If they have a combine surgery, the price is changed: lifting/fat grafting/ mamilliplasty etc

A surgeon’s fee for the breast enlargement procedure varies from Doctors to Doctors and hospital to hospital, and it normally includes the cost of anesthesia fees, hospital fees, medical tests, duration of stay, post surgery garments and etc. In terms of breast revision patients the price may differ but it is very true that Korea offers the best value and breast enlargement cost of in the world.


Breast Enlargement Cost feature image

Bosom Implants Procedure

There are 4 Incision types for Breast Implants: Armpit, Navel, Areola (areolas), and underneath the Breasts. Contingent upon your Breast condition, your Doctor will propose which technique is most perfect for your case. Normally, Incision through Navel is just for some particular cases. If you are hoping to get Pregnant later on, the Armpit approach or underneath the breast methodology will be favored. If you want to minimize Scarring, the Areola methodology will be utilized. In any case, Doctors’ job is to make the outcome as normal looking as could be expected under the circumstances and pick the best technique for your special case. Have an intensive converse with your Surgeon in Korea and comprehend the result before you settle on an official choice.