Most of the people have fat cells that won’t shrink or die no matter how they exercise or extensive diet they follow and people are even more reluctant for the body contouring cost. One of the common cause may be the heredity people may carry more fat forming hormones, fat cells can be evacuated either surgically or by dissolving the fat with controlled temperature which freeze the fat cell that does not only expel the fat but also gives the body a great shape and in Korea the body contouring cost is much more affordable than any other country with best treatment.

Liposuction is one of the most common body contouring techniques which is one of the most operated surgery throughout the world for cosmetic purpose. In liposuction, the fat is removed with a powerful suction pump which is used to suck fat through a needle pushed beneath the skin. Liposuction is also ideal for people who have excess or saggy skin and it’s seen in people who have massive weight loss or mothers who delivered baby.


Body Contouring Cost in Korea (
Procedure KRW (minimum) KRW (maximum)
Body Contouring Cost ₩ 2,420,000 ₩ 5,800,000


Liposuction cost is usually high and considered as high end treatment with high cost until the evolve of Korean Medical Tourism; liposuction cost is Korea is very affordable with the respect to the rest of the world. The hospitals in Korea offer the best liposuction in terms of liposuction cost, liposuction procedure they use with minimum bruises and swellings, and minimum recovery time.

Tummy tuck is also a well known procedure to reduce the fat in lower abdomen which is usually impossible to reduce with the help of diet and exercise. Tummy tuck cost in Korea is also one of the most affordable from any other country of the work. Tummy tuck cost in Korea made Korea an ideal destination with so high end treatment from the best doctors of the world.  Body contouring cost may differ with treatment category but body contouring cost in Korea is considered as the best rate and also made Korea the top destination for plastic surgery treatment and in fact Korea is called as a Plastic surgery capital as it offers the best treatment including the best body contouring cost.