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Choi Dong-seok

CEO Choi Dong-seok

Speciality: Women Plasty and Gynecology

Director Choi Dong-seok (Career: 15 years, No. of Procedures for Diseases: 3,000/ No. of Plastic Surgeries: 3,000)
– Graduated from Yonsei University College of Medicine
– Master’s degree from Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Medicine
-Completed residency at Yonsei University Severance Hospital
-Ob/ gyn specialist, Samsung Medical Center
-Fellow, Dept. of Ob/ Gyn Endocrinology, Ajou University Hospital
-Director, Future and Hope Women’s Clinic
-Director, ZN Plastic Surgery Women’s Center
-Adjunct professor, Dept. of Ob/ Gyn, Samsung Medical Center
-Director, Choisang Woman’s Clinic
-Director, Choisang Woman’s Clinic HIFU and Infertility Center
-Director, Choisang Woman’s Clinic Plastic Surgery Center