The most imperative factor in all of the Plastic Surgery – the one which decides your well-being and result is who you pick as your Plastic Surgeon. Continuously picked your Surgeon astutely and painstakingly. Ensure he or she is Board Certified, experienced and safe.   Inquire as to whether yourContinue Reading
Tummy tuck surgery - Easta Medical
Tummy Tuck Surgery after giving birth is common as the most as often as possible asked for Surgeries by Patients who are stressed out on living in Baggy Clothing and not feeling certain about their bodies after Pregnancy, Child Birth and Breast feeding.  Abdominoplasty Surgery is not by any meansContinue Reading
Surgery of the Asian Eyelid has been performed truly for well more than 100 years and was first very much recorded in Japan before 1900. It is also called double Eyelid Surgery or Asian Blepharoplasty; this Surgery includes deliberately reshaping the upper Eyelid Skin to make a more characterized Crease.Continue Reading
According to the 2014 plastic surgery statistics report published by business insider, over 1 million cosmetic surgical procedures was performed in year 2014 in South Korea only. That’s a lot of surgeries! South Korea is the best destination for the plastic surgery for its best doctors and the affordable plasticContinue Reading